Born and raised in China, when I was seven years old, my parents had to work overseas, so they sent me to Dandong, my grandfather’s hometown, where is on the Yalu River delta, the largest city on the border. On the other side of the river is the city of Sinuiju, North Korea. We lived just about ten miles away from the border; I remembered that I saw refugees had been forced to flee from their camps in North Korea. I was surrounded by stories of many individuals from an early age, and it has truly molded me into the person I am now. I am drawn to people, fascinated by what fate, luck, and circumstance brings to their lives, I want to be able to tell the stories that often go unheard of or often get ignored.

After growing up in the border city, I found my way to photojournalism in college through first majoring in English Literature. Since those days, this work has given me some truly incredible and humbling experiences. The beautiful people whose stories you will find here each have taught me, changed me, and helped me to grow not only as a journalist, but most importantly as a person. I will always be thankful for their willingness to let me into their lives. 

On assignment. Mexico–United States border, December, 2015.